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By Chat

During the follow-up phases or even for the deep work phase, an online chat is sometimes enough to answer your needs.

By telephone

Easy to use, effective, flexible and informal, the telephone is often a good way to get results by having a well focused heart to heart conversation.

By videoconference

The most wiely used medium since the Covid crisis! Virtually the whole experience face to face, without wasting travel time.


Corporate Group interventions (or for VIPs at your home or other place of your choosing) or by appointment in our offices in Madrid or Zaragoza.

"Madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

Albert Einstein.

Who am I?

Christine Lebriez

Psychologist, coach, French-Spanish.

As a psychologist and coach, my aim is to give you the tools to express yourself without barriers and to release your full potential.

Thanks to my extensive international experience, training in different countries and a variety of techniques, you will have the luxury and privilege of having exclusive, unique and personalised sessions tailored to your case.

By changing your attitude you will influence your environment and reshape your life, personal or professional.



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Between error and correction, together we forge your new experience.

Put it into practice

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Christine is fully involved with her clients. Her multicultural background, her intense training and her great experience make her the perfect combination to guide executives and professionals in any aspect, being a privilege to work with her.

She has the ability to help you express yourself without barriers and thus release your potential in any area. I recommend her without any doubt.

Marta San Agapito Olivares

Christine is a very talented, insightful and resourceful executive coach. She provides very hands-on advice for people to develop their professional and personal potential, thanks to her unique combination of multicultural mind set, strong academic background and ample experience in senior executive positions at different multinational corporations.

Christine has a deep understanding of the hard and soft leadership skills required to excel in today’s global market place. She is a brilliant communicator, an excellent professional and a caring person


Christine has been extemely helpful to me both professionally and personally as a coach. I have benefitted from both her insights into aspects of my presonality and behaviour, taught me how to approach certain challenging and demanding situations and see them in a new light.

Additionally, she has provided some mental and behavioural tools and guidance as to how to use them. Friends colleagues and my family have told me what a positve difference it has made. I highly recommend Christine and the professional support that she can offer.

Daryl Upsall FlnstF

Christine is a wonderful person and a great professional. Her experience, work, dedication and commitment to the sessions are a great help; she provides you with "tailor-made" guidelines and tools to apply in your daily life, both personally and professionally.

She has a perfect understanding of people, she guides you and helps you to achieve the best results. Its sessions are very didactic: you learn and internalize the "theories". Totally recommended. Thanks for everything, Christine

Sagrari Miguel Montalvá